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Bookmakers have the advantage that their forecasts today are based on complex mathematical algorithms, implemented only with special software and a good technical base. Sports betting, predictions of which are made intuitively, are doomed to failure in the long run. Coefficients in the BC line are not taken from the ceiling, but are built on the basis of complex calculations, which, or at least to approximate their accuracy, is an impossible task for the bettor. Of course, it is worth sharing the forecourt professionally relevant and those who try to deceive the theory of probability and bet on intuition. Without a good analysis of pre-match hands, none, even the most good betting strategy will bring profit at a distance.

Do not trust the capers who throw advertising advertisements on forecasts for "backyards" and "contract matches" or offer the client to unwind his account in the bookmaker office. If the capper guarantees income and does not warn that a loss is possible and the client can lose money, do not buy such forecasts. The team of analysts Betonmobile shows high cross-country forecasts at a distance, but does not promise win-win rates. Even the most successful bettors understand that one head is good, and two are better, or even better, one hundred professional analysts working under the same roof. This is how professional game syndicates work, providing qualitative forecasts to clients on the principle of consulting agencies.

How does such a company work? In it, recommendations for betting pass four cycles of preparation, before they turn into a bet placed in the bookmaker office. Above each of the cycles is working its own team of analysts, specializing in the execution of clear tasks, included in the algorithm for creating an "ideal" rate. The first phase is a statistical analysis of sporting events. If you want - the digitization of matches, the calculation of statistical components - attacks on the gate, cards, fouls, dangerous attacks, etc. This is also the case today for Opta and SportRadar, but they mostly provide information to bookmakers and news agencies, and game syndicates need profile statistics that are more accurate, in their opinion, than bookmakers use.

The final score of the match does not always reflect the course of the game, and for accurate prediction, not only goals scored, but also those that were prevented from reflecting on the scoreboard bad luck, judicial errors or other factors are important. Therefore, the assessment of the likely total goals in the sport according to current results does not give the necessary accuracy and is inferior to the analysis made by professional analysts working at the bookmaker office. After the scouts have collected all the information on the match, the data is sent to powerful computers that calculate the probabilities of events - outcome, total, odds and form a line alternative to the bookmaker, turning the probabilities into bookmaker quotes. The second phase is purely technical, but it can only be done by someone who has access to supercomputers.

Further, the received alternative line falls on the table to the third department, where people who compare quotes with those put up by bookmakers work. They find significant discrepancies, which speak of underestimation or overestimation by the office of a club or player. Such circled quotes are transferred to the fourth division, where experienced people make the final decision whether to support the recommendation with a bet, and how much to entrust to it. The principle of the work of such an agency is that if you find mistakes in the bookmaker line you can get profit on a long stretch of the game. The goal - to make a more accurate forecast for the game than the bookmaker.

Of course, one person does not have the power to perform the whole described cycle, but the very understanding of how qualitative forecasts are created will help in the game against such bookmakers as, League Bets , Leon or 1xBet with 1xStack . In addition, every year there are more and more programs that can automate the implementation of complex tasks and at least bring the bettor to the correct estimation of the coefficients of the bookmaker office. Today many analysts who provide free forecasts for sports use special software and try to work on the described algorithm. The heading "Rate of the Day" provides an express of the current day with recommendations with a high probability of patency in bets. Every day in the line of bookmakers there are matches, in which the probability of a sensation and unexpected result is negligible. By combining them into one express, you can get a good basis for the game. High ratios are a big risk, low ones are a small profit, therefore it makes sense to combine several correct quotations into one bundle, excluding those that are obviously risky. There are favorites in the sport that lose once a year or give out a winning series of several dozen matches - they can be earned if you catch the trend and analyze the components of their successful game.

Alone they do not give a weighty coefficient, but in a pair, or even a shock three they can make a profit every day, if it turns out to screen out "wheat from the chaff" and precisely choose those who can be trusted with their money. It can be football teams and high-level tennis players, and hockey and basketball clubs - the coverage of sports on is wide and all the "cream" of forecasting fall into this heading. Predictors Betonmobile - a team of professionals who not only select the most likely outcomes of matches, but also offer the best in the legal segment coefficients for the selected outcome. To assess the quality of work of forecasters is correct most of the patency of their rates at a distance. Betonmobile displays honest information and does not correct the post facto bet history.

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